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“Our mission is simple – to help people make good decisions.” -- Brian Pagano, Global Chief Catalyst


Accelerate workshops are guided journeys led by Axway’s Catalysts.
Explore the workshop options below, then let’s talk about which one is right for where your organization is right now in the race to digital.


Your path to a winning API - Strategy in one day! Avoid common mistakes leveraging years of our Catalysts’ experience.

Running On APIs

Learn all about API design, API Products, API Lifecycle, BizDevOps and API Product management.

API Ramp-Up Workshop

Most Programs get stuck after an euphorical start, - until reality kicks in. Meet a Catalyst to help you out of the mud!

The Digital Master Class

Invest one week and lift your organization to the next level. The Catalysts will guide you through all aspects of your organization’s Digital Transformation.

We are a group of experts from around the world who are seriously passionate about digital transformation and the API space. In the simplest of terms, our mission is to help people make good decisions about why, when, and how to change the business in order to navigate the next disruption — and have the courage to do it again and again.

Sometimes those decisions involve technology, but just as often they center around teams, governance, funding, ecosystems, monetization, or a dozen other things that determine who thrives and who merely survives in the digital economy.

Meet the Team

We help companies make good decisions.

Brian Pagano

Chief Catalyst

Combining a lifelong passion for technology with experience working with some of the world’s top brands, helping them to both modernize and transform.

Brian Otten

Business-Led Digital & API Strategy | Adoption | Execution

Over 20 years of experience partnering with large enterprises in guiding strategy, adoption and execution of business technology transformation.

Eric Horesnyi

Entrepreneur | Executive Coach | Data, API & Platform economics

Eric was CEO, sold to Axway. Previously co-founder of Radianz, a financial platform, sold to BT. Eric has worked in Mexico, San Francisco, New York, Greenwich and now Paris.

Uli Hitzel

Ecosystems & Collaboration | Innovation | Marketing & Events

Passionate about helping customers make good decisions in an increasingly digital world, build ecosystems across departments and get their message out into the market.

Eyal Sivan

Head of Open Banking | Adoption | Execution

Eyal Sivan is the Head of Open Banking at Axway, where he is responsible for positioning Axway as the number one thought leader and integration solution provider in the open banking space.

Kay Lummitsch

Digital Transformation | Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach

Kay is a trusted advisor for various big players in banking, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, insurance, as well as NGOs worldwide.

Emmanuel Methivier

French Catalyst | Innovation | Marketing & Events

Developed the first Internet website at LIX (Laboratoire informatique de Polytechnique), developed neural network algorithms (OCR), then followed a professional path in LCL's IT department. In 2002, he took over as Head of Innovation at LCL.

Erik Wilde

Digital Transformation Catalyst

Erik's main focus is on the strategic and programmatic side of things: How to get from the general goal and vision of Digital Transformation to a functioning and productive API landscape.

Free Digital Maturity Assessment

Free Digital Maturity Assessment

Right now, is your organization struggling, reacting, experimenting, coasting, or disrupting? And do you have the right plan for aligning your API strategy with larger, transformative business goals in the future? We designed a simple 15-question assessment to help you find out.

  • 3 easy steps
  • Answers in less than 5 minutes

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