API Wheel of Fortune: 4 levels of APIs

As a follow-up to a previous article on the “network economy,” I offer you a sequel in the form of a presentation of our vision of the platform in the new economy.

As promised, I suggest we zoom not only into the platform itself but also into how to implement this Holy Grail; an explanation of the path to access this ultimate architecture.

Of course, in the beginning, you find the little magic tool, not very technical, but terribly disruptive to revolutionize the business: the API.

We have surveyed many customers around the world and observed the evolution of their maturity in understanding the utility and strength of APIs, their power of technical and business transformation, and we have proposed 4 levels of APIs in the modeling which we share below.

  • Efficiency
  • Open
  • Product
  • Platform

SEE MORE at https://apifriends.com/api-management/4-levels-of-apis/


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