Build great APIs

Many supply chains are facing challenges and require new ways of collaboration. The need for digital transformation has become more pressing than ever. Broadly speaking, digital transformation means to transform an organization and its teams and practices to embrace digitalized ways of designing, building, evaluating, tweaking and reinventing value chains. With these digitalized value chains, it becomes easier to track value creation and trends, to test hypotheses around new value chains, to adapt value chains to new situations and competition, and to generally make sure that change is not perceived as a challenge for the organization, but as an opportunity.

While APIs are not the only essential component of digital transformation, they are one of the foundational ones. APIs are the representation of all capabilities that are used in digital value chains, and APIs are the glue that make it possible to quickly compose and change them.

For this reason, an increasing number of organizations put a heavy emphasis of representing all their capabilities through APIs, some even going as far as using the “API First” approach where each new capability is conceived as an API first.



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