First Digital government approach

In a three-part blog series, we review the emerging digital government movement around the world. In this first part, we look at the trends of governments going digital. The second part will address the benefit of digital government models. The third and final part will conclude with presenting a three-level model of maturity for the digital government. This blog series is based on the white paper “Better governance, one API at a time.”

What is digital government?

Digital government refers to the use of the internet, mobile and flexible IT architecture to improve and advance government operations and enhance service delivery. It encompasses a greater use of data to inform decision-making, and the use of more automated systems to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and support more sustainable use of resources. It includes digital transformation efforts that combine these new data and services in imaginative ways that allow partners and external stakeholders to create products and services that contribute to creating a just, dynamic, sustainable, and joyful society.



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