What is a digital platform?

In a series of short articles, we will try to address the business transformations induced by technological innovations and the so-called digital innovations.

We will have to pretend to be futurologists, but we will base our visions on facts observed concretely, avoiding perspectives that are too uncertain.

A Digital Revolution

Why is there so much talk today about a digital platform? Simply because it makes you dream! A simple observation: When we compare the 10 largest capital values in the world, the evolution is impressive:

In 2006, the 10 largest valuations were manufacturers or banks.

In 2019, the world’s highest valuations that have replaced Exxon and General Electric include Alphabet (Google) and Amazon platforms.

It is not only the massive use of computer technology that has made this revolution. It is, above all, the understanding that wealth is no longer simply found in the added value of a product (which can only grow linearly), but rather in the value indirectly captured by the (networked) relationship between the service provider and service consumer.

The great economic schism opposes two visions of the business world: the traditional vision which, until the end of the 20th century, aimed at positioning a maximum barrier to the entry of new participants or the achievement of competing businesses. This conservative position is opposed to a modern vision in total orthogonality where we reason in terms of the strength of the ecosystem and where it is essential to erase all barriers to the entry of new players, customers or partners, who then participate in your growth.

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