Running On APIs – Workshop

Most programs start to suffer the moment they make a platform decision. “Now we have a platform but what to do from now?”

The Catalysts will teach you all aspects of a living API Program. From designing APIs to designing products as well as feeding them into your DevOps build pipelines and running them effectively in your runtime platforms. The setup of successful API Teams is an integral part of this day. Your teams will have all they need to be “Running on APIs”!


  • API Product Management Demystified

    • ​Look into the mind of an API Product Manager – your chance to debunk some of the myths surrounding this profession.

  • The Evolutionary API Lifecycle

    • ​Hear about every aspect of the life of an API, from inception to retirement.

  • Accelerating Your Lifecycle

    • The wheels are turning faster and faster in a digital environment. How do you manage constant change?

  • Designing Great APIs

    • ​Learn about Best Practices around API Design and the Need for Continuous Feedback Loops & Iterations.

  • It’s Dangerous Out There – Securing APIs

    • ​APIs eliminate the ‘security by obscurity’ paradigm of legacy systems. Yet – it’s the power of open standards & interoperability that brings security to the next level.

  • Measure What Matters

    • All about the unsung heroes – KPIs & Analytics –  and how to become truly successful and know how to measure what matters for growth.

Who should be in the Room

  • CIO | CDO | CTO

  • VP of Product

  • Head of Engineering

  • API Program Manager

  • Developer Relations

  • Head of Marketing

  • DevOps Lead

  • Business Development

  • Product Manager

  • Head of Innovation

  • Enterprise Business Architect

  • Head of Security/ SecOps

Business Value

  • Prioritize the consumer

  • Secure your data and protect your business

  • Measure what matters


  • API Product Manager Kit

  • MVP API Pilot Kit

  • API Design First Kit

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