Strategy Workshop

What is your strategy to deliver new digital experiences with APIs?

The Catalysts will guide you to create an API Strategy based on years of experience with successful API Programs.

And there are so many potholes on the path towards digital success. We’ll help you to avoid common expensive and time consuming mistakes.

Your API Strategy – unleashed!

Who should be in the Room

  • CIO | CDO | CTO

  • Program / Product Manager

  • Architecture – Strategy & Design

  • Business Owner

  • Business Unit Head

  • Marketing Manager


Business Value

  • Align investments with predictable, measurable outcomes

  • Maximize team buy-in and innovation

  • Plan disruption vs. experience it



  • Not Just Another Software Project!

    • ​Treating an API as a Software Project is waste of money and waste of time. 
      Leveraging APIs affects every part of your organization and your organizational culture.

  • Avoiding Mediocrity –  Common API Strategy Anti-Patterns

    • ​The call for Digital is a call for excellence! We can’t hide behind mediocre products anymore. To be relevant in today’s market we need to have outstanding products with an outstanding user experience. 

  • Anatomy of API Strategy

    • Get under the skin of a well-structured, healthy API Strategy based on the patterns used by successful API Programs.

  • Getting Out of Your Organizational Comfort Zone

    • ​New technology and structures alone won’t cut it. Discover models for change that really work and change mindsets, behaviors, technology and structures as well as culture in order for APIs to thrive.

  • No Vision, No Strategy, No Nothing

    • ​Most programs actually haven’t got a chance to become successful – because they don’t have a vision. Let’s change that!

  • Building Your Strategy

    • Our Catalysts will guide you through the process of creating your individual strategy and show you how to bring it to life from the next day!

You also get an API-First Business Value Kit that includes: 

  • Customer Journey

  • Mapping Guide API

  • Business Model Guide

  • API Value Proposition & Priority Map